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Interview practice FAQs

Students-2-Work can help you to find the right career for you. Book online, complete your course and become a part of our academy where you'll be matched with potential employers. It really is that easy. Have a look at some of our interview practice FAQs below or get in touch to find out more.


Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the course?

1 hour for seven weeks or a 1 day seminar

What if I need to discuss any aspect of the course?

Please send any queries or questions to

What language is the academy?

Everything is currently in English, however we support students that have English as a second language

What will I learn?

The academy has been developed by the MD's 30 years experience in recruitment of young talent

What do I have to do?

Apart from attend and participate, you will be given a weekly task to execute which will enhance your success

How long will I be an academy member?

As long as you like, the community and the Students-2-Work team are here to support you.

Are the sessions recorded?

All sessions are recorded - this is to ensure everyone's safety.



What is your personal brand?

Business Meeting

One of the key elements of the Students-2-Work academy is the development of the personal brand. What do we mean by this and why is it essential in the competitive jobs market.

Students have to stand out and differentiate themselves, its essential to capture a positive difference in the competitive job market

What is the personal brand? Simply it’s what you an organisation perceives from a candidate. Where the only points for consideration are:

1. Your CV – Projects your achievements and aspirations
2. Your social media – projects a hidden you, think about its impact
3. Professional media like LinkedIn can provide a projection on the professional you potentially are
4. Your first 60 seconds in the job interview, are you prepared, are you super nervous, how is your body language?

All these things build a picture of you in the clients heads – rightfully or wrongfully. Regardless it's what going to give you a positive decision.

A critical part of all branding is to be consistent and provide a coherent message.

The Critical 7 seconds

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The Students-2-Work academy is based on over 30 years of recruitment activity. From our and other's experiences, when a CV arrives you have 7 seconds to be considered for the next phase. Always remember you are in a competition – you many have to be selected from 100’s of CV applicants.

The first seven seconds are vital to make the next stage. What are the critical criteria?

1. As a student, is your course applicable to the role?
2. Where are you based, are your location options clear?
3. Is your CV clear and well presented?
4. Do you offer something different?

As your CV is processed it will fail on any NO in this list and will be rejected. The Students-2-Work academy will guide you through a series of structured steps, making sure that you address any issues in your approach. Pass this stage and you make the next cut, getting closer to your first role.



I had the opportunity to sit this course and I'm so pleased that I did. It's helped me enormously in reviewing my CV and updating it to a high standard and more importantly interview preparation. Prior to this course I've applied for a number of jobs and have sat interviews but always felt I wasn't hitting the mark. This course gave me new confidence, new techniques and clarity on what I should be focusing on. Such a relaxed presentation style with open and honest discussions. I can't thank Paul enough on the help he's given me except to say....I've got the new job :) Thank you.

Claire - TrustPilot

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Once you finish the Students-2-Work Academy you'll be added to the Ready2Work list, where you'll be matched with potential employers

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