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Starting a new job is always exciting, but it's all important to know what to expect. At Students-2-Work in Newport, we help A level students, college leavers and university graduates across the UK to make the transition and get their career off to the right start. Book a free initial chat and start your student coaching and mentoring programme.


A word from our founder

I was the first person in my family to go to University. After graduation I worked for a number of international technology companies. I was lucky enough to work in the USA, China, India and across Europe in my 30+ year career
During my career I was responsible for recruiting and developing young talent.  Giving people a chance and providing them focused support and development was one of the most enjoyable aspects of my role.

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About Students-2-Work

More recently I founded a technical recruitment company and have accelerated this aspect of young talent development, providing work experience and mentoring support. I realised that my real experiences could benefit a wider community of students and started to develop www.students-2-work.com in 2020

Now I can provide you with my extensive experience of sifting 1000s of CVs, offering 100s of roles. On a personal level, I’m married to my amazing wife,  a father of 3 children and two dogs and enjoy the great outdoors, wildlife, sailing, music among dozens of interests.




I had the opportunity to sit this course and I'm so pleased that I did. It's helped me enormously in reviewing my CV and updating it to a high standard and more importantly interview preparation. Prior to this course I've applied for a number of jobs and have sat interviews but always felt I wasn't hitting the mark. This course gave me new confidence, new techniques and clarity on what I should be focusing on. Such a relaxed presentation style with open and honest discussions. I can't thank Paul enough on the help he's given me except to say....I've got the new job :) Thank you.

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